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What is a Certified Life Coach?

My name is Meira Golbert Bar-Lev. As a Certified Journey Life Coach  I had to first achieve the level of Accredited Journey Practitioner AND have completed 2 years within the Life Transformation Mastery Program.

Using these methods, I will help you break free of old patterns, awaken and embody your true, authentic self. They you will rise into your wholeness, power, radiance, and magnetism by combining intuitive guidance with skills in transformative coaching.  See  Meira Golbert Bar-Lev’s certification at The Journey Website.

Meira has a graduate degree as well as several additional certifications in a number of related methodologies. See Meira’s professional Biography here.

How The Journey Process is used in  Overcoming Emotional Challenges

The Journey is a powerful tool that helps individuals like yourself to overcome emotional and physical challenges. As a certified practitioner of The Journey, I have seen first-hand the profound impact it can have on people’s lives. In this article, I will explore the benefits of The Journey and especially how it can help you to transform your life.

What is The Journey Process?

The Journey is a holistic process that combines various modalities including psychology, energy The Journey Certified Life Coachhealing, and spirituality. It was created by Brandon Bays, a renowned speaker, author, and healer. The Journey process involves accessing and releasing buried emotions, limiting beliefs, and traumas that are stored in our cells, that can cause physical and emotional pain. Consequently releasing these limiting factors, individuals  can  create lasting and positive change in their lives.


How The Journey Can Help You Overcome Emotional Challenges

  1. Accessing buried emotions and traumas: As a Journey Life Coach I help you to access and release emotions and traumas that are stored in the body. These can include childhood trauma, past relationships, and other negative experiences that have left a lasting impact.
  2. Releasing limiting beliefs: The Journey process helps individuals to identify and release limiting beliefs that have been holding them back in life. This can include beliefs around self-worth, relationships, and success.
  3. Transforming negative patterns: The Journey process can help individuals to transform negative patterns of behavior, such as anger, anxiety, and depression, into positive, healthy habits.
  4. Improving physical and emotional well-being: The Journey process can improve physical and emotional well-being by addressing the root causes of discomfort, pain, and also disease.

The Journey Process vs. Traditional Therapy

The Journey process differs from traditional therapy in that it addresses the root causes of emotional and physical challenges at the cellular level. This means that the changes made through The Journey process are long-lasting and can have an especially profound impact on an individual’s life. In comparison, traditional therapy can only address the symptoms of emotional challenges, rather than the root cause.

The Journey Process as a Complementary Therapy

The Journey process can be used as a complementary therapy to traditional forms of therapy and healing. Many individuals find that working with a certified Journey Life Coach using is the best approach. The Journey process can enhance and accelerate their healing process, leading to faster and more effective results. I am always excited to work with new clients and look forward to helping you.


The Journey process is an especially powerful tool that can help individuals like you to overcome emotional and physical challenges. As a certified practitioner of The Journey,  I certainly have seen the transformative impact it can have on people’s lives. Whether you are looking to overcome specific challenges or improve your overall well-being, The Journey process is an effective and holistic approach to healing.

In summary

The Journey process is a holistic healing method that combines psychology, energy healing, and spirituality to help individuals overcome emotional and physical challenges. It accesses and releases buried emotions, traumas, and limiting beliefs stored in cells to create lasting positive change. The Journey process differs from traditional therapy in that it addresses the root cause at the cellular level. It can also be used as a complementary therapy to enhance and accelerate emotional and physical healing.  If you have questions, would like a free no-obligation assessment or want to contact me use the following button.  Thank You Meira Bar-Lev.

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