How To Heal From Past Trauma

Emotional HealingHealing from past trauma requires you to live in forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you condone abusive behavior. Neither does it mean you allow anyone to repeat their offense. The hurtful deed itself may well be an unforgivable act.  What Meira Bar-Lev teaches you is how to heal from past trauma.  She carefully shows you how to access memories of past traumas that are buried in your mind. Then teaches you to forgive yourself and the person who hurt you. This is an intensive coaching process because it often requires work to reveal those lost and repressed memories.  It frees you from the suffering that’s holding you back and promotes healing from past trauma.

When we play back our emotional stories  (deeply embedded memories) over and over again, it can be harmful to our health. Every time we repeat our stories, whether within our own mind or out loud, we stir up emotions that can flood every cell in our body and even literally make us sick from the mental trauma we continue to inflict on ourselves.

Emotions create energies that have effects on the physical body

Emotions naturally come and go, but many of us have social conditioning that tells us to suppress or avoid our emotions. This can deny us access to our real feelings. Sometimes we even get stuck in one particular emotion. When emotional energies stagnate or are denied, it can have a negative impact on our life.

Some emotions like love have healing qualities, while others such as hate can damage the natural healing cycle of the body if repeated over time. Forgiveness interrupts this damaging cycle and invites us to record new, healthier beliefs that are in-tune with our highest and deepest healing.

Are you being terrorized by your emotions from the past

Wild animals do something that humans can’t or won’t do.  For example, gazelle that’s escaped being attacked by a tiger shakes off excessive adrenaline its body produced during the chase.

Healing from past trauma

Following episodes of interpersonal drama and stressful emotions, humans tend to keep their emotions pent up rather than releasing them naturally. This can cause problems at a subconscious level, influencing every decision we make in life. We may not even realize why we’re making choices that are not in our best interests, but these patterns and behaviors can sabotage our lives on every level.

However one day you wake up

Some crystalizing event or similar traumatic experience may suddenly make you aware of the fact that you’re responsible for your own healing and happiness. You can no longer blame anyone else or look outside for help. Instead,  you need to learn how to discover repressed crystalizing events from our past and release the stored and blocked energies in a healthy way. This will enable you to live a life rich with positive emotion, and in vibrant health and freedom.

Our cultural beliefs also have a significant impact on life satisfaction. You may have been taught that it’s best to keep your emotions in check.  That it is better to not express them in healthy ways, especially if we experienced trauma or shame. As a result, we may have become disconnected from our feelings and live life in a state of emotional flatness – not too high, not too low.

Some examples of flat emotional states:

  • Quiet Anger
  • I’m Good
  • I’ll be Nice
  • It’s Alright
  • I always feel a little Sad
  • I’m Okay
  • Constant Frustration

Deeper emotions often are those you avoid and are unavailable to you. These may include:

  • Real Passion
  • Rage
  • Lustfulness
  • Hatred
  • Expressing Love
  • Inability to express Grief
  • Real Enthusiasm
  • Active Fervor for a project

These more intense, expressive feelings may terrify you because you have come to associate them with unwanted behaviors that may be linked to fear. For example, if you once witnessed an enraged person attack or physically hurt another, it may inextricably link rage and physical abuse at a subconscious level.  For you, rage equals abuse. This makes rage unavailable to you as a valid personal emotion because you are conditioned to see rage in any circumstance as an emotion that damages and destroys and never has a useful place.

Life Coaching Blog - Meira Golbert Bar-LevMeira Golbert Bar-Lev is an accomplished life and relationship coach with over 30 years of experience. See my Biography here.

She offers transformative programs such as “Finding Love Again” is to help women heal their broken hearts and find love again. Another is “Healing From Grief” which is a program dealing with loss and bereavement.

As a life coach, Meira works with individuals regardless of their religious orientation. She is interested in helping you with whatever your personal traumas, health issues, blocks, or fears are that hold you back from a free, healthy, successful, and happy life.

Meira is known for her compassionate, empathetic, and intuitive approach, using a tailored combination of methods, research, and experience to help individuals overcome their specific obstacles in life. Meira is passionate about helping people find love and lead fulfilling lives.

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